Mi Lan Xiang

Dan Cong Oolong

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  • Producer: Mr Zhou
  • Terroir: Shigu Ping Village, Phoenix Mountain, China
  • Harvest period: 2023
  • Tasting notes: Gardenia, Chrysanthemum, Mineral
  • Dose: 1.5g/100ml
  • Brew temperature: 95°c
  • Brew time: 3 min

Mi Lan Xiang translates to Honey Orchid Fragrance. The leaves of this Dan Cong Oolong are plucked from unpruned old growth trees before being carefully withered. Then, rather than being rolled, they are gently turned in order to form their shape and develop flavour. Finally, the leaves are roasted over charcoal three times

Grippy floral acidity with notes of gardenia, chrysanthemum and subtle rose petal. Underlying notes of mineral give a roundness and structure that precede a dry and aromatic finish.