Rare tea range

Our premium teas are sourced with a focus on quality, flavour and sustainable production methods. We aim to offer a range of teas that are singular and showcase the terroir where they are grown and the skill of the tea makers who produce them.


We believe in strong relationships and celebrating the hard work of our collaborators. We purchase directly from farms with a progressive and ethical practice, reflecting the aim we initially set back in 2013 to get ever closer to the people producing the crop. Transparency is important to us and we provide full traceability for all teas in our range.


Our select range of premium seasonal teas is the result of a thorough process of research, sampling and review. Our offerings vary as we transition through different harvest seasons and discover new teas we are excited to share while maintaining an unrelenting focus on quality.

Companion was born as an espresso and tea bar in the corner of a high-end clothing store in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district in early 2013. We were informed by our own diverse histories in specialty coffee formed in our native cities of Vancouver and Perth before meeting behind bar in Berlin.

Our Story

Shortly after establishing the company, we quickly evolved our approach to incorporate directly sourced single batch teas and fell deep into the rabbit hole that opened up around this ancient and revered hot beverage.

We have since come to establish a reputation as purveyors of some of the tastiest directly sourced specialty tea in Berlin and in 2018 opened our own independent tea room and cafe in neighbouring Neukölln, a short cycle away from our original Voo Store location.

We are excited to finally be able to offer our tea to those who can’t make it to visit us in our Berlin tearoom and encourage you to get in touch if you are looking for more information about any of the teas in our range.