Imperial Black


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  • Producer: Jun Chiyabari Garden
  • Terroir: Dhankuta, Nepal
  • Harvest period:  2023
  • Tasting notes: Cacao nibs, Rose Petal, Speculaas
  • Dose: 1,5g/100ml
  • Brew temperature: 95°c
  • Brew time: 3 min

This is a rich and dense black tea with notes of chocolate, rose petal, and sweet spices. It is a warming brew with high levels of natural sweetness as well as low tannins and its bold flavours make it an excellent pairing with a meal or dessert.

The Jun Chiyabari Garden is located in the Dhankuta district in the eastern Himalayan region of Nepal between Kathmandu and Darjeeling. The micro lots that we select are comprised of mixed varietals and grown at an altitude of 1600m above sea level. The family-run farm has a commitment to quality and their progressive processing techniques which have enabled them to create many unique teas and this offering is no exception. Our Current offering was picked Mid September 2019.