Four Seasons

Green Oolong

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  • Producer: Yi Ming Chien
  • Terroir: Nantou, Taiwan
  • Harvest period: Spring 2023
  • Tasting notes: Jasmine, lychee, floral
  • Dose: 2,5g/100ml
  • Brew temperature: 90°c
  • Brew time: 2.5 min.

A great everyday oolong with a light body giving way to an abundance of sweetness and creamy texture, complimented by a subtle floral liquor with notes of jasmine and lychee.

This classic Taiwanese varietal also know as SiJiChun was originally discovered growing in the wild although many believe it to be a cross between the popular WuYi and QingXing cultivars. This particular version is a machine picked, rolled and oxidized 10-15%