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  • Producer: Jun Chiyabari Garden
  • Terroir: Dhankuta, Nepal
  • Harvest period: May 2023
  • Tasting notes: Floral, nutty, sweet 
  • Dose: 2g/100ml
  • Brew temperature: 70°c
  • Brew time: 2 min.

A soft and creamy green tea comprised of mixed cultivars. Both Indian and Taiwanese techniques have been applied and the resulting cup is a delicate yet complex mix of floral and nutty notes with a pleasing, sweet finish.

The Jun Chiyabari Garden is a family run operation and is an industry leader in terms of organic farming technique and ethics. Tea is a passion for them which has seen them travel the word studying and developing new techniques that are truly ground breaking. Located in Dhankuta between Kathmandu and Darjeeling, in the Eastern Himalayan region of Nepal. The garden reads like a jungle as you walk amongst the tall trees and fresh water brooks that spot the landscape.