Dong Ding

Green Oolong

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  • Producer: Lin Jian An
  • Terroir: Lugu Township, Taiwan
  • Harvest period: Spring 2022
  • Tasting notes: Floral, herbaceous, sweet, mineral
  • Dose: 2,5g/100ml
  • Brew temperature: 95°c
  • Brew time: 2 min.

A floral and herbaceous cup with a lingering biscuity sweetness. The finish is clean with a lasting minerality that spreads across the palate after each sip.

Hand picked at an elevation of 900m, these leaves are rolled in four stages in a moon roller before being spread on bamboo racks for fermentation. After partial oxidation the leaves are fried like a green tea to halt the oxidation process before being rolled into the ball shape and roasted. The leaves are then given time to rest and are further roasted after a few months to develop a more nuanced flavour profile.