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    • Producer: Kalapani
    • Terroir: Panchthar, Nepal
    • Harvest period: Fall, 2022
    • Tasting notes: Floral, Herbal, Honeysuckle  
    • Dose: 2g/100ml
    • Brew temperature: 90°c
    • Brew time: 3 min

Stunning micro-lot bursting with flavours reminiscent of a Spring garden. Lively on the palate with fresh herbal notes and a gentle honeysuckle sweetness.

This factory began operation in 2020. Conceived by a talented tight knit crew led by our dear friend Prakash, they are producing extremely small lots of high quality bespoke teas at high altitude. Under Prakash’s tutelage, Tea Master Apsara Neupane is becoming a very unique tea maker who’s attention to detail and passion for the end result is unflinching. This is her signature Autumn tea hand rolled in cotton cloth and then quickly dried to maintain its light character.