1660 London Tea Cup Set


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  • Dimensions:
    0,4L: ⌀11 x H83
    0.7L:  ⌀11 x H125
The Fellow Atmos is a vacuum canister that is ideal for storing coffee beans or tea. Durable and air-tight, it prevents oxidation to extend the shelf life of its contents by up to 50%. Its huge advantage over other vacuum canisters is the integrated pump - you just twist the lid back and forth to remove air from the inside with no need to use any additional pumps.

 - 400ml or 700ml capacity (up to 170g / 280g of coffee beans, respectively)

- Made of durable stainless steel and food-safe plastic

- Vacuum lock indicator - when the canister is vacuum sealed, a green ring appears on the indicator

- Easy release button

- Airtight silicone seal

- Also great for storing loose food products such as nuts, cereal, cookies, granola or candy. However, do not store ground substances such as coffee grinds, flour, etc as it  may clog the vacuum lid and prevent a proper vacuum seal.

- Do not place canister upside down while storing content inside.

- Hand wash only / not dishwasher safe.